About Us

Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine

Constituted in 1993 Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine is the largest non-profit association of Indian Physicians, Nurses, and other allied health care professionals involved in the care of the critically ill. ISCCM is a National Organization and now has a membership of over 13017 members, comprising of more than 30 city branches all across India.


ISCCM is committed towards the promotion and advancement of intensive care as a specialty in India by facilitating education and training of physicians and nurses and setting best practice standards for the care of critically ill patients and their families and promoting research. The ultimate aim is to raise the level of critical care practice in the country and to develop future leaders in the field of critical care.


The ISCCM aims to achieve its objectives through the following activities:

  • Impart educational training by developing and running Post-graduate fellowship courses and diplomas in the field of critical care medicine.
  • To publish scientific journals and literature to highlight the benefit of the discipline.
  • Setting up research projects in the field of critical care across the country.
  • Formulating standards and guidelines for the organization and practice of intensive care to suit Indian conditions.
  • Organizing national and international congresses and meetings.
  • Providing basic training in intensive care for non-specialists.
  • To seek affiliations and collaborations with national and international organizations of similar interests to achieve the objectives of the society.