Message from Prof. Massimo Antonelli
Anesthesia, CPR, Intensive Therapy and Medical Toxicology
At Gemelli University Hospital Rome, ITALY

Invitation - Best of Brussels 2024

Dear Friends,


On behalf of ISCCM [Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine] Pune Branch we are pleased to invite you for the 12th Annual “BEST OF BRUSSELS” Symposium on Intensive Care & Emergency Medicine to be held in PUNE, India from the 3rd to 7th July 2024 at Pune at Hyatt Regency, Pune

Best of Brussels is jointly organized by ISCCM Pune Branch and The Department of Intensive Care Medicine, Erasme University Hospital, Brussels, we have come together to conduct this symposium, consisting of a select set of presentations made at the preceding ISICEM, Brussels. Eminent faculties who will have participated in ISICEM at Brussels in 2023 have been invited, & this symposium will only contain exclusively selected presentations made at Brussels.

Our annual pre-symposium workshops, the very popular landmark 26th Annual Mechanical Ventilation Workshop, Hemodynamic Management & Ultrasound & 2D Echo in ICU Workshop will continue & will be held on 3rd & 4th of July 2024. The Symposium will contain, thematic sessions Plenary Sessions, Oration, Pro-Con Debates, Keynote Addresses, Industry Sessions & a unique one on one session with Prof J L Vincent……. JL VINCENT UNPLUGGED, it will be a truly interactive live discussion & Q&A, wherein there will be No Presentations, no talks, no debates, just an hour-long session with Prof Vincent is unequivocally the “Father Figure” in the contemporary Critical Care fraternity across the globe

Join us for the SPECIAL 12th Best of Brussels 2024, the very best in the world of Critical Care

Dr. Shirish Prayag

Organizing Chairperson

Dr. Jean Louis Vincent

Organizing Chairperson

Dr Kapil Zirpe

Organizing Secretary

Dr. Subhal Dixit

Joint Organizing Secretary

Dr. Sameer Jog

Chairman Scientific Committee

Organizing Committee - Best of Brussels

Dr. Shirish Prayag
Prof Jean-Louis Vincent

Dr. Ajit Yadav
Dr. P K Joshi

Organizing Secretary:

Dr. Kapil Zirpe

Jt. Organizing Secretary:

Dr. Subhal Dixit

Chairman Scientific Committee:

Dr. Sameer Jog

Co-Chairman Scientific Committee:

Prof Daniel DeBacker


Dr Abhijeet Deshmukh
Dr Arvind Bhome
Dr Anand Tiwari
Dr Balasaheb Pawar
Dr Jyoti Shendge
Dr Kayanoosh Kadapatti
Dr Milind Mane
Dr Prasad Rajhans
Dr Shivakumar Iyer
Dr Sunita Varghese
Dr Tushar Yadav

Dr Aparna Kulkarni
Dr Balasaheb Bande
Dr Deepak Salunke
Dr Kapil Borawake
Dr Khalid Khatib
Dr Pradeep D’Costa
Dr Sandhya Talekar
Dr Suchitra Mohite
Dr Sushma Patil
Dr Urvi Shukla
Dr Jayant Shelgaonkar
Dr Ashwini Jahagirdar


Dr Venkatesh Dhat


Ms Veronique De Vlaeminck – Brussels

Workshop & Courses


12th Annual International

“Best of Brussels”

Workshops on 3rd & 4th July 2024 

26th Annual Mechanical Ventilation Workshop: Click to open program



3rd & 4th July 2024

Venue: The Hyatt Regency Hotel, Pune Nagar Road, Weikfield IT Park, Pune – 411014


Course Director – Dr Subhal Dixit 
Co-Director – Dr Anand Tiwari 
Mentor – Dr Sandhya Talekar


This Mechanical Ventilation Workshop will cover the fundamental & advanced aspects of Mechanical Ventilation. Some of the topics that will be covered in this workshop include Modes of Ventilation, Trouble Shooting, Airway Management, NIV, Ventilation in COPD, ARDS etc in addition to new emerging technologies in Mechanical Ventilation and Gas Exchange. Topics on Electrical Impedance Therapy – EIT, ECMO, ECCO2R, NAVA, ASV, HFO, Trans Pulmonary Pressure, and Newer Modes of Ventilation etc. Renowned International & National Faculty will be a part of this workshop


Hemodynamic Monitoring Workshop Click to open program


3rd & 4th July 2024

Venue: The Hyatt Regency Hotel, Pune Nagar Road, Weikfield IT Park, Pune – 411014


Course Directors: Dr Kayanoosh Kadapatti & Dr Jyoti Shendge



Hemodynamic monitoring is an invaluable tool used routinely in management of critically ill patients. During this workshop various invasive and non-invasive techniques of hemodynamic monitoring and Cardiac output measurement like CVP, Arterial pressure and PA pressure monitoring, Pulse Contour Analysis, Echo-cardiography & Doppler will be discussed. Renowned International & National Faculty will be a part of this workshop.

13th Annual Ultrasound in Critical Care Workshop Click to open program


3rd & 4th July 2024

Venue: The Hyatt Regency Hotel, Pune Nagar Road, Weikfield IT Park, Pune – 411014


Course Director: Dr Pradeep D’Costa
Course Coordinator: Dr Jayant Shelgaonkar



The faculty will train delegates in using Ultrasound according to ‘ABCDE’ and ‘Head to-toes’ priority pathways in order to enhance rapid and effective decision making in triaging, diagnosing, treating, and monitoring acute and critical patients. The course will broadly cover general principles of ultrasound, how to interpret the ultrasound patterns of the major acute syndromes, and the technique of the major invasive procedures. The delegates will also have hands on practice sessions so as to make them comfortable to use ultrasound in critical care. The 2D Echo course will be interactive, have hands-on sessions & discussions, with training in bedside echocardiography. This well-structured workshop will help you to use echocardiography in septic shock, ARDS, pulmonary embolism, acute decompensation of Heart Failure and many more complex scenario

Scientific Program



Guidelines for Submission of Case Presentations

Guidelines for submission of case presentations at



  • Number of PPT slides are limited to – 25 slides
  • Duration of Case Presentation – 45 mins
  • Case Presentation includes: Discussions, Audience Interaction & Conclusion
  • Try to keep relevant information of the case on each slide
  • PPT can consist of Images / Videos / Photos
  • No age Bar
  • Conference registration is mandatory for presenting a case
  • Faculty status will be given to the presenter of the case selected; we will be pleased to take care of your travel up-to a maximum amount of Rs 15,000/- & one night stay ie 6th July…Saturday night Stay
  • Candidates can submit more than one case, however, only one case will be selected from each category.
  • Case PPT should be sent on email – before 31st May 2024
  • Acceptance / Intimation of selected cases will be sent to you by 15th June 2024
  • No Phone calls will be entertained regarding acceptance of any case presentation, the Scientific Committee’s decision will be final
  • The Organizing Committee will allot one mentor per case to assist the selected participant
  • Preference will be given to PG Students & ISCCM Members
  • During the presentation there will be a panel of Experts which includes an international & a national faculty
  • Participants can select his/her topic from the categories given below
  • On day 3, we have kept 5 cases of 45 minutes each.
  • You need to select any category as per your interest and submit case related to that topic only

► CASE 01 – Complicated intraabdominal infections 

► CASE 02 – Cardiac arrest, Post arrest care

► CASE 03 – Septic shock with AKI needing CRRT

► CASE04 – Acute pancreatitis with long ICU stay

► CASE 05 – Subarachnoid haemorrhage long ICU stay with coiling/clipping

We request you to read carefully instructions provided for case presentations & instructions needed to prepare case In-case you need any more clarification, please feel free to call

Dr Kapil Zirpe – 9822844212 or Dr Sameer Jog 9822318178

Symposium Dates: 5th, 6th & 7th July 2024
Case Presentation Date: Sunday 7th  July 2024
Time: 09.00 am onwards
Venue: The Hyatt Regency Hotel, Pune Nagar Road,
Weikfield IT Park, Pune – 411014

For registrations queries call: Supriya – +91 7767834459 


International Faculty- Best of Brussels 2024

Jean L Vincent


Prof Jean-Louis Vincent is Professor of intensive care medicine at the Université libre de Bruxelles and intensivist in the Department of Intensive Care at Erasme University Hospital in Brussels. Specialist in Internal Medicine

Prof Vincent is unequivocally the “Father Figure” in the contemporary Critical Care fraternity across the globe. Prof Vincent is well known as an astute clinician- teacher for the last four decades, a prolific researcher having more than 1000 research articles to his name , a member of the editorial board of many critical care journals and undoubtedly the biggest “Influencer Speaker” in today’s world of ICUs.Prof Vincent is the co-chairperson of BOB and has been the main attraction of BOB since 2013

Daniel DeBacker


Prof Daniel DeBacker is currently Head of the Intensive Care department of the CHIREC Hospitals (Brussels and Braine l’Alleud-Waterloo) and Professor of Intensive Care at the Université Libre de Bruxelles (Brussels).

His main fields of investigation are sepsis, organ dysfunction and support, circulatory failure, hemodynamic monitoring (including echocardiography), hepato-splanchnic circulation and microcirculatory disorders. Daniel De Backer has signed more than 300 articles. His name is linked to some of the most important research in the field of shock, sepsis and microcirculation. One of his most important studies regarding the role of Norepinephrine in patients with Shock changed practice worldwide.

Maurizio Cecconi

Prof. Maurizio Cecconi

Milan, Italy

Prof Cecconi’s research focuses on improving the outcomes of high risk surgical patients, especially with better risk identification and perioperative haemodynamic optimisation, and improving the outcome of critically ill patients, especially suffering from cardiovascular shock, acute respiratory failure and sepsis. He has been Clinical Director of Adult Critical Care at St George’s and the Clinical Lead for critical care at Epsom and St Helier’s hospital from 2015 to 2016. He was President of the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine (ESICM) from 2020 to 2022 throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic.
Prof Cecconi has been the Head of the Department and Full Professor of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care at Humanitas Research Hospital and Humanitas University since 2018. Rozzano Italy

Despoina Koulenti

Dr. Despoina Koulenti

Athens, Greece

Despoina Koulenti is a specialist in Internal Medicine & Intensive Care. Since January 2024 she works as a consultant in the Critical Care Department of the King’s College Hospital Foundation Trust, London UK. She also holds an honorary academic appointment with The University of Queensland (UQ), Brisbane, Australia (Antimicrobial Optimisation Group, UQ Centre for Clinical Research). Her research interests focus on severe respiratory infections and hospital-acquired infections and sepsis, especially in the critical care setting, multidrug-resistant pathogens, antibiotic optimisation, and antimicrobial stewardship. She also focuses on Medical Education, with particular interest in High Fidelity Medical Simulation. In 2012, she gained her PhD from the University of Athens on the topic of pneumonia in the ICU and subsequently, she joined the group of Professor Jeffrey Lipman in UQ, where she was awarded a post-doctoral Research Fellowship on critical care infections (‘Advancing infectious diseases research in critical care’) with Capacity Area Teaching (focus on High fidelity Medical Simulation as a teaching tool). She has significant experience in designing and conducting international multicentre studies and has participated in steering, advisory, adjudication and data safety committees.

From 2013 to 2019, she led the Working Group (WG) on Pneumonia of the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine (ESICM). Currently, she is Chair of the Clinical Training Committee of ESICM, Secretary of the European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases Study Group for Critically Ill Patients’ Infections (ESGCIP), member of the Executive Committee (Treasurer) of the WG on Infections in the ICU & Sepsis of the International Society of Chemotherapy (ISAC), Scientific Collaborator of the President of the National Public Health Organization of Greece in the field of hospital-acquired infections, and Clinical Liaison for the Greek ICUs of the European Clinical Research Alliance on Infectious Diseases (ECRAID).

Massimo Antonelli

Dr Massimo Antonelli

Rome, Italy

Head – Anesthesia, CPR, Intensive Therapy and Medical Toxicology Professor at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart. His research interests are Anesthesiology, Intensive Care, and Emergency Medicine. currently Professor of Intensive Care and Anæsthesiology at the “Università Cattolica Del Sacro Cuore”, Rome, Director of the General Intensive Care Unit of the Policlinico A. Gemelli University Hospital and of the Institute of Anæsthesiology and Intensive Care and Director of the School of Speciality in Anæsthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine. Professor Massimo Antonelli graduated in Medicine at the University “La Sapienza” in 1981 with full marks and specialised in Anæsthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine at the same University in 1984. He received post-graduate training at the Rayne Institute of the School of Medicine, University College of London (1984), the Membrane Biogenetics Group, Berkeley University, CA, USA (1984-85)

Markus Skrifvars

Dr. Markus Skrifvars

Helsinki, Finland

Markus Skrifvars is Staff Specialist in Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care and professor of Prehospital Emergency Medicine. He has trained in Finland and Australia and completed both the European Diploma of Intensive Care as well as the Fellowship of Intensive Care Medicine (FCICM).

He has published over 240 scientific publications and supervised six PhDs focusing on emergency and intensive care of cardiac arrest and traumatic brain injury. He was a member of the steering group of the TTH48 trial and the principal investigator of the COMACARE trial. His research group focuses on both experimental and clinical studies in the field of cardiac arrest and traumatic brain injury.

He is one of the lead investigator of the STEP CARE (Sedation, TEmperature and Pressure after Cardiac Arrest and Resuscitation).

Alexandre Demoule

Dr Alexandre Demoule

Paris, France

Alexandre Demoule is professor of intensive care medicine at the Sorbonne University, in Paris. He is the medical director of the medical intensive care unit, the step down unit and the weaning centre within the Division of Pneumology and Intensive Care Medicine, La Pitié-Salpêtrière teaching hospital in Paris. He is the chair of the European Research Network on Mechanical Ventilation (REVA),
His main research field is patient-ventilator interactions. It involves specific research topics such as brain-ventilator interactions, the impact of mechanical ventilation on respiratory sensations and comfort and respiratory muscles dysfunction in mechanically ventilated
patients. He also conducts clinical studies on non-invasive mechanical ventilation in acute respiratory failure, on new modes of mechanical ventilation and on acute respiratory failure in immunocompromised patients.

Ostermann Marlies

Dr Ostermann Marlies

London UK

Dr. Marlies Ostermann is a Consultant in Critical Care & Nephrology at Guy’s & St. Thomas’ Foundation Trust, London and Honorary Senior Lecturer at King’s College London.

Following medical school in Goettingen (Germany), she completed her postgraduate training in the United Kingdom and Canada. She is an active member of the European Society of Intensive Care and Deputy Chair of the AKI working group. She is also actively involved in the Renal Association and the Intensive Care Society UK and is a fellow of the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine. Her clinical and research interests include acute kidney injury in the critically ill, including biomarkers and long-term complications, and all aspects related to acute renal replacement therapy.

Her special interests are – Short-term kidney injury, especially in critically ill patients

Bernd Saugel

Prof Bernd Saugel

Hamburg, Denmark

Dr. Saugel is a Full Professor of Anesthesiology and Vice Chair in the Department of Anesthesiology, Center of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine of the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (Hamburg, Germany). He has published more than 190 original articles and didactic reviews in peer-reviewed journals and serves as Associate Editor (Cardiovascular) of the Journal of Clinical Monitoring and Computing and as Section Editor (Cardiovascular) of the Journal of Critical Care. Dr. Saugel is also the Chair of the Scientific Subcommittee 14 (monitoring, ultrasound and equipment) of the European Society of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care (ESAIC) and the Deputy Chair of the Cardiovascular Dynamics Section of the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine (ESICM). His main field of research is the hemodynamic management of high-risk patients having surgery and critically ill patients. He especially focuses on concepts of “personalized hemodynamic management” using advanced innovative hemodynamic monitoring methods in perioperative and intensive care medicine.

Prof Arthur van Zanten


Department of Intensive Care, Gelderse Vallei Hospital, Ede,Division Nutrition & Health, Wageningen University & Research, Wageningen,The Netherlands

Professor Arthur van Zanten is internist-intensivist and Chair of the Department of Intensive Care and ICU Research in Gelderse Vallei Hospital in Ede, and professor of Nutrition and Metabolic Stress by special appointment at Wageningen University & Research, in The Netherlands

He lead the Surviving Sepsis Campaign in The Netherlands. At present he is chair of the Section Intensive Care of the Netherlands Society on Internal Medicine.

Over the last years, his interest has moved towards Critical Care Nutrition with particular interest in immune-modulating nutrition, protein needs and timing, mitochondrial dysfunction and refeeding syndrome.

In the period 2011-2020 he gave more than 400 lectures on Critical Care Nutrition and Sepsis in 29 countries. Among these, he was an invited keynote speaker at meetings of ESPEN, ASPEN, ISICEM, ESICM, BRASPEN, Ganepao, DAPEN, CSPEN, CSCCM and the Middle-East ICU Nutrition Summit

Prof Mathieu van der Jagt


Assistant Professor, Department of Intensive Care Adults, Erasmus Medical Center, Rotterdam, Netherlands Since 2008

Prof Mathieu has been working as a neurologist-intensivist, with a focus on “serious brain disorders in the ICU”.

He conducts scientific research, collaborate nationally and internationally, especially in the field of traumatic brain injury, delirium and subarachnoid hemorrhage, and supervise master’s students and several doctoral students.

He is chairman of the guideline development committee of the Dutch Association for Intensive Care, and on the Guidelines program committee of the Foundation for Quality Funds for Medical Specialists, which is concerned with the distribution of quality funds for the production of medical guidelines.

his ambitions were and are: to be a good doctor for my patients, to contribute to good teamwork and a good training climate in the ICU and to contribute to better treatments through high-quality scientific research. He is the Section Editor Neurology Journal of Critical Care Editorial Board member Neurocritical Care

National Faculty - Best of Brussels 2023

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FOR BOB 2024 – Sponsorship Options

Mechanical Ventilation, Hemodynamic Monitoring & Ultrasonography & 2D Echo in ICU
Dates – 3th & 4th July 2024 / Timing – 8.00 am to 6.00 pm

  • Your Company equipment will be used for the hands-on training workstations during workshop
  • One Table space will be provided outside the hall for display of your products
  • One 3 mts x 3 mts Stall will be provided during the Symposium days
  • Acknowledgement as a sponsor on communications & on the conference website
  • 5 Lunch coupons will be given during the workshop & conference
  • Delegate lists will be provided post conference


Prime Area Stall in Exhibition Area 1 (Stall no 1 to 9) – 4 Lakhs

1st Floor Layout

  • Stall No 1 to 9 are 3 mts x 3 mts – for Ventilation/Equipment Companies – 4.5 lakhs plus GST
  • Stall no 10 to 22 are Prime Stall of 3 mts x 2 mts – 3.5 lakhs plus GST
  • Stall no 23, 24 & 25 are of 3 mts x 2 mts – 2.0 lakhs plus GST
  • Stall nos A to G are Small Stalls of 1 mts depth x 2 or 3 or 4 mts length –
    Cost are variable starting from 1 lakhs plus GST

Ground Floor Stall Layout

  • Stalls of 3 mts x 2 mts – 3 lakhs plus GST
  • Stall of 2 mts x 2 mts – 2 lakhs plus GST
  • Stall of 4 mts x 2 mts – 5.5 lakhs plus GST
  • Stall of 4 mts x 1.5 mts – 4 lakhs plus GST


  • Your Company Slides will be displayed during the session that you choose to sponsor
    [Please note no product slides will be allowed, only your company slide can be shown]
  • One 3 mts x 2 mts stall will be provided during the Symposium days
  • Acknowledgement as a sponsor on communications & on the conference website
  • 5 Lunch coupons will be given during the workshop & conference
  • Delegate lists will be provided post conference


3 Slots on Day 1 – 5th July 2024 (In NEWTON HALL / GALILEO HALL / EINSTEIN HALL) –
3 Slots on Day 1 – 5th July 2024 (In NEWTON HALL / GALILEO HALL / EINSTEIN HALL) –

Tentative Time – 12.00 to 1.00 pm

Picture of the Hall

  • During the industry sessions, there will be no BoB symposium talks held
  • Seating capacity of each hall is 100 chairs theatre style
  • Simultaneous industry sessions will be done in multiple halls during this timeslot on each day
  • Registered delegates will have a choice as to which session they wish to attend
  • We will provide you with the registered delegate list 5 days prior to the event so that you can
    promote / publicize your session
  • We will make standees with program details and display it out your hall before the session starts
  • Podium Branding with your company logo will be provided and done by us during your session
  • Industry Session Slides will be projected during the symposium in-between sessions for publicity
  • We will make Flyers of your session and display it on our website below the scientific program
  • Please note the Industry Session Time Slots are available to choose from on first come first serve basis
  • You can select the topic & faculty of your session that you are plan, however you will need send it to us for approval from our scientific committee, so that we try to ensure no overlapping of speakers/topics/ timing etc takes place and we maintain a high standard of scientific content & a smooth flow of the industry sessions
  • One 3 mts x 2 mts Stall will be provided during the Symposium days
  • Acknowledgement as a sponsor on communications & on the conference website
  • 5 Lunch coupons will be given during the workshop & conference
  • All Audio-Visual requirements for the session will be provided by the us


6th July 2024

  • One 3 mts x 2 mts stall will be provided during the symposium days
  • Acknowledgement as a sponsor on all communications & on the conference website
  • Cultural Evening Sponsors Name and Logo on the Stage Backdrop
  • Repeated prominent mention of sponsors name by the emcee during the evening
  • Name of the Sponsor on the Banquet Invitations & information signages
  • Sponsor Tent Cards / placards can be placed at each table
  • You can do your Company Branding behind Food Counters / Bar Counter
  • Invitation to 10 officials of the sponsor for the banquet evening
  • 10 lunch coupons during the symposium
  • Delegate lists will be provided Pre conference so you can communicate with them

Lunch Sponsor: 7 Lakhs per lunch

  • 1 free Stall of 3m x 2m
  • Sponsor’s name would be printed on the lunch coupons
  • Prominent acknowledgement to the sponsor at the location of food court including the Company Logo and name printed on standees etc
  • Your Company Slide will be displayed in between session in the scientific hall
  • Sponsor’s name would be printed in the scientific program next to the lunch session.
  • Coupons: 5 Lunch coupons will be given during the conference

5th, 6th & 7th July 2024

  • Registration counters – All registration counters will be named after the Sponsor, branding of the counters as per the specification to be approved by the Organizing Committee
  • Delegate kits – Your company name and logo can be printed inside the kit
  • Inserts – Sponsors promotional material will be placed inside the kits
  • Kits distribution stall – One 3 mts x 2 mts Stall – Kit collection stall will be provided to the sponsor, manning & distribution of the kits / bags will be done by the sponsor officials, thus ensuring all registered delegates & faculty will visit this stall
  • Kit collection coupons – Your company name & logo will be printed on the kit collection coupons
  • Exhibition Stall: One 3 mts x 2 mts Stall will be provided during the symposium days
  • Delegate Badge Lanyards: your company logo printed on the conference lanyard
  • Pads & Pen: You can provide specially designed pads & pens with your branding on the pens & pad folios
  • Website: Acknowledgment as sponsor on the website with a link to the company’s website
  • Lunch Coupons: 10 Lunch coupons will be given to you during the symposium


CLOAK ROOM – 2 lakh – For all 3 days
Signage carrying the name and logo would appear on the Cloak room. Baggage tags to be provided by the company and the cloak room to be manned by sponsor’s officials

The Tea/Coffee Counter will be given to you as official sponsors; you should arrange for the Signage carrying the name and logo of your company to appear on the counter

HAND SANITIZING DISPLAYS1 lakh – For all 3 days
Place your hand sanitizers next to the lunch, in the Exhibit Hall. You may place up to twelve hand sanitizing stations throughout the lunch area. This exclusive opportunity allows attendees to visit the hand sanitizer counter which can have your branding



18% GST is applicable to all sponsorship amounts / No GST is applicable on Educational Grants

Accommodation Options - Best of Brussels 2023

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Dr. Shirish Prayag

Organizing Chairperson

Dr. Jean Louis Vincent

Organizing Chairperson

Dr Kapil Zirpe

Organizing Secretary

Dr. Subhal Dixit

Joint Organizing Secretary

Dr. Sameer Jog

Chairman Scientific Committee